What is the Tasting Room?

We are not a restaurant, but a private dining space by the Bengaluru Oota Company that curates and serves traditional Gowda and Mangalorean food. The space is open only by reservation.


How does it work?

We have a menu that includes both the cuisines, and during booking we work with you to design a unique customised meal. This meal will take into consideration the number of people, their palate preferences, dislikes, and allergies etc.  


Why can’t I simply walk in?

Given that we don’t cook what you won’t like, we don’t prep anything in advance. Once you book the space, we will work along with you to design the menu for that particular meal, and that is why we need to time to create the experience.


Are you open all day?

We are open only for lunch and dinner, by prior reservations.


Do you deliver food?

Yes we do. But we need 24 hours prior notice. We also have a minimum order requirement. Call us to know more.


How do we pay?

We accept Cash and Credit Card payments.