The team behind Bengaluru Oota Company is driven by their passion for food and by an unflinching connection to everything local. From the ingredients and recipes, to the techniques, the founders are committed to delivering authentic local flavours. 


Divya gave up her 18-year long career in hospitality to pursue her love for food. But a restaurant would have been too predictable. One of the founders of the Bengaluru Oota Company, she firmly believes that it is about selling an experience and not just the food.

Given her traditional Gowda roots, she has taken it upon herself to give the cuisine its due attention. 


Born into a Mangalorean family of entrepreneurs, she has food in her DNA. Her father owned Udyavan, the city’s once most popular drive-in restaurant.

With a background in retail and facility management of over 20 years, Vishal’s interest in culinary arts comes from her passion for food and also by her family & friends who can’t seem to get enough of her cooking.

...and their Kitchen Warriors

They don’t come with college degrees, but they learnt from their mothers and family and have a genuine passion for cooking. These ladies are experienced in whipping up some of the most delicious home style Gowda and Mangalorean food. We are pretty certain that you will be tempted to come back for more.  

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