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The Bengaluru Oota Company presents the ‘Bangla Bhojon’ on 2nd & 3rd September, 2017, the first of the series of regional-speciality pop-ups by home-chefs.

Go on a food trip to Bengal, with Iti Misra from Kolkata as your guide.

A home chef, food critic and foodie who doesn’t just live but also travels to eat, Iti helps travellers discover the flavours of Bengal through curated meals and cooking lessons at her home. Passionate about sharing the secrets of historical Bengali cuisine, Iti has selected authentic, heirloom recipes that cannot be typically found in restaurants for this pop-up.

Community Style Dining – Reservations required

INR 1700 + taxes per person. Children policy applicable

2nd September, 2017

Lunch service: 1pm | Dinner service: 8pm

3rd September, 2017

Lunch service: 1pm


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